Nespresso Vertuoline Pods & Dutch Door Hardware: Door Knobs

Doors are probably the parts of a house which are the most frequently used by numerous people during the day, especially when it is an entry door. Every door, including a Dutch door consists of certain parts, in the latter case called Dutch door hardware. This term incorporates such pieces as the hinge that attaches the door to the wall or to the frame (as a rule, there are three hinges on a door), the door closer that helps to slow down the speed of closing the door, fasteners and handles. The latter can be door handle, doorknobs, or crash bar.

Choosing the necessary Dutch door hardware you need to consider its type and the aura you wish to project. Thus, for example, if you prefer a minimalism, Victorian era or modern design of a house, look for the door hardware of the same style.

Door knobs & Nespresso Vertuoline Pods are the first pieces of Dutch door hardware we are going to discuss, read These are used to regulate access of doors. This part can be rotated if it's necessary to release the bolt. Without this important door hardware the door will look incomplete and bare. The entrance door especially needs this part of hardware to be properly secured. It's recommended to select the door knobs taking into account the function and use of them.

For people who like privacy in their homes it's advised to choose the privacy door knobs, such as Baldwin door knobs. These articles of Dutch door hardware offer a child security function. It can be locked from the inside and unlocked outside with a screwdriver.

Another excellent option for you to use is Schlage door knob. It's a type of door hardware with a key. It can be locked inside and outside; in the latter case it can be done with a key only. These door knobs are applied for exterior doors and gates.

The next type of Dutch door hardware is the dummy hardware that's used mainly for show. It can be applied for double doors one of which is stationary. The main function of this hardware is to give the door uniformity. The dummy hardware can be used in combination with a door latch for better look.

Another type of Dutch door hardware is glass door knobs which are mainly used to add elegance to the house. But still they should be avoided if a child lives in your house as they can't become friends with children due to a number of reasons. Another drawback of these knobs is that they are not very durable. The only advantage of glass door knobs is their ability to emphasize your home style and decor.

Antique door knobs are the other type of Dutch door hardware. They are suitable for people who are in love with everything vintage. As a rule, these articles are produced from wood. Don't hesitate to buy Antique door knobs if your home is of Victorian era type. However, many homeowners use these pieces with brass or iron finishes.

The contemporary market offers door knobs for cabinets as well, which are sometimes used for purely decorative purposes. These door knobs are available in different finishes, sizes, styles, and shapes. Cabinet door knobs should match your cabinet doors to create a complete harmony in your home.

As you can see, there are different types of Dutch door hardware even for the most demanding homeowner. Nevertheless, before deciding on the proper piece consider your needs and design of your home in general.


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