Irish Red and White Setter Temperament and Lifespan

Irish Red and White setter is the smartest aristocratic dog that is very friendly to people, but at the same time it strong and courageous. Irish dogs are reliable and well-trained pets.

In general, they have balanced temperament, but they are alive and active. Setters are attached to their host much. With an excellent sense of smell, they are not inclined to bark for nothing, because clearly define the importance of the situation. Its hunting habits do not spread to pets, if they grow all together.

It loves being in a company of both people and other dogs. Irish setter, if you are not able to be with it often, the best way out is to keep two of them. Intelligent and affectionate pets but too emotional, they do not tolerate loneliness and rough or aggressive dogs. The lifespan of the dogs is about 12-13 years.

How Much Does an Irish Red and White Setter Cost and Price Range

The average price for Irish Red and White Setter varies from $450 to $900. The reason of such difference is the quality of your pet. The show quality setters cost a bit more. The price may vary depending on the breeder as well.

Irish Red and White Setter Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Irish Red and White setter is a big beautiful dog, strong, but not massive. It is build balanced with no signs of awkwardness.

A clear limitation on growth is not in the standard, the desired height for males is - 62-66 cm, females - 57-61 cm.

The coat is long and silky, thin, smooth and without curls, single layer without undercoat, slight light undulation top coat.

The main color is white color, not red. On a white background it has a clear spot of red or dark red color. Small specks of the same color are permissible around the muzzle, on the feet and lower parts of the limbs.The eyes are usually dark hazel or dark brown.

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Despite its origins of the hunting dog it quite comfortably can exist in a city apartment, if the necessary conditions are created for it - walk, exercise. As it has been already mentioned, the dog cannot stand loneliness. If the entire family is forced to leave home for the day, it is better to choose another breed of dog, not as much socially dependent. Irish Setter is very neat. Caring for its silky hair presents no great difficulty. It is enough to wash your dog regularly with a special shampoo. It is obligatory to wash it in the dirty weather. The coat should be brushed, especially it is necessary in the period of moult frequently in order to prevent tangling.


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