New Technology in Completely Secure Garage Door Opener Remotes Will Protect Your Garage from Undesired Guests!

Just as with every sphere of the human life, garage doors have been subjected to fast scientific development as well. Now we have an opportunity to enjoy the usage of completely new designs of garage door opener remotes. One of such technologies uses the so called rolling code that is programmed in such a way to change every time the homeowner uses the remote. Such a technology makes it impossible to learn the code used for the garage door to be opened. And as it changes every time, the remote is used grabbing a code becomes simply impossible.

The first remote transmitters had many similarities with the detonators of remote bombs which were used during the Second World War. These detonators used a radio frequency, as well as first remotes did to operate the garage door opener. Unfortunately, with such a device, it was rather easy to open the garage door for almost any person willing to do it. This garage door opener remote didn't guarantee any security to the property inside the garage. In this way, almost any garage door that had an automatic door opener could be open.

In the 1970's the so called "dip switch" transmitters were invented these ones offered more security than the first remote transmitters. These remotes had eight dip switches (since the name) to create the necessary transmitter frequency. 256 code combinations were provided by these eight switches. Nevertheless, this is not the highest level of security offered ever. Later, much safer systems were offered.

As a matter of fact, many homeowners of those times used these security systems, but, unfortunately, there were cases when burglars managed to find the operators to activate the garaged doors.

Fortunately, a few years later this problem was perfectly solved by developing garage door opener remotes that used the technology of rolling code. Every time, the doors is opened codes automatically change and every time a code is transmitted a new code is created by the system automatically with the help of an encoder. There exist millions of code possibilities, so it's just impossible to find out the necessary one. Besides, the system doesn't create the same code twice.

So, if you're interested in the remote controls that apply the technology of rolling code start shopping right now. Buying this set you're guaranteed to receive the code installation and setting instructions.

Besides, the manual of a garage door opener owner offers all the necessary instructions if you wish to reprogram your garage door devices. This manual also will provide you with important steps of erasing all code settings that is necessary before reprogramming your remote. This may be needed in case if your operator was stolen or lost.


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